Phaeron, The Heart of Time

Our journey begins in a world known as Phaeron.

Phaeron, the continent at least, is a island floating in what may be the most saturated of ley lines. The world itself is sentient. Not as far a long as New Haven in the age of technology but slowly making discoveries as need. the majority of the bustling cities are ports. both sea and air. Every city has a prime-arch and an elder council which makes decisions about what needs to be done to keep their city alive and thriving. All cities have a guard force to handle crime, riots, pirates, bandits, and Natives. The education system is superb and even if education isn’t your game farm land is among the most expensive type of realty. Living on the out skirts of a floating world makes finding fertile soil a rather hard task. Most cities closely monitor who is in control of how much farm land and what their annual revenue is. Their intentions being to make sure even the lowest factory workers are able to afford the necessities. Life in the city is often busy for most. Weapon factories often employ the majority of the population. everything from daggers to catapults are manufactured and stock piled. War is coming but no one knows how soon. In academia, every aspiring student dreams of being accepted into the Arcane League, a prestigious conglomeration of colleges that are responsible for training some of Phaeron’s greatest minds. The newest topic of the science community is the mining, refining and integration of something simply called Arcane rock. This rock has gravity reversing effects and is commonly found in airships and cargo wagons. Its still a new technology but there is even talk of using it for war. There hasn’t been war in Phaeron for longer than its denizens care to know about. There are certain understandings made by the prime-arches of each and every town to prevent such atrocities from happening. There is a barbaric civilization residing in the center of Phaeron. Separated from the rest by a giant stone wall with only four gates. Each gate is manned by a branch of the Cardinals. An organization devoted to making sure no one enter or exits. No one knows why there are gates on a wall no one is allowed to travel past, or why there is an entire civilization living behind it in seclusion. One would think with such a large portion of their world quarantined population would be a huge issue. It’s not. It’s almost unreal how many still born babies are born. And there in lies the reason for Phaeron’s most savage ritual. If a mother brings into this world a still born, said child is to be immediately handed over to the Cardinal representative and if the mother survives… well the end result is she doesn’t survive so why go into details. Pirates and bandits do exist but there is no notion of organized crime. Law breakers are dealt with accordingly. Possibly the worst crime to commit is airship dropping in behind the wall. Many claim to have successfully done so, but you can tell if they are lying. Going beyond the wall changes a man. Who knows what horrors exist beyond those 900ft tall quarter mile thick walls and how did they get there?

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Phaeron, The Heart of Time

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